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This is the status page for changemakerz.Org website. If you are the owner of the website, you can visit IBN Cloud for more details.

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Recent Incidents

  • Affected Service: Media Server April 08, Thu

    SSL key couldn't resolve. We are trying to fix this problem.

    10:20, Apr 08 UTC

    DNS settings has been updated and we are waiting for propagation

    10:25, Apr 08 UTC

    The problem has been resolved

    13:47, Apr 08 UTC
  • Dynamic pages inaccessible

    Resolved in 3 minutes
    Affected Service: Website Media Server February 10, Wed

    All the dynamic pages on the website including the staff bio pages and articles/interview pages are inaccessible. Wix is working on a fix

    Error code:keifbeie248js127jkk_l

    12:08, Feb 10 UTC

    The problem has been resolved

    12:11, Feb 10 UTC
  • Slow responsiveness

    Resolved in 40 minutes
    Affected Service: Website February 04, Thu

    Our monitoring systems have detected that the website has slow responsiveness on some locations. More at . We are investigating the issue.

    16:32, Feb 04 UTC

    The problem has been resolved. There was a 502 bad way GNTX server error handled by hosting company.

    17:12, Feb 04 UTC
  • Emails deliverability problem

    Resolved in 2 weeks
    Affected Service: Emails Server February 01, Mon

    We have identified a delay in the processing of sending and receiving through the information system network of ChangemakerZ. We are implementing a fix in the system. You may experience error codes 503, 504, 101, or 111

    18:10, Jan 15 UTC

    We have enabled extra security elements for professional accounts. CheckingMail service has been enabled for the email addresses. You can learn more at

    10:54, Feb 01 UTC
  • Affected Service: Emails Server January 15, Fri

    We have received reports from our staff that there is an unauthorized person that sends emails pretending our CEO. We are evaluating how and why this is happening. We still don’t know if this person is using our emails systems.

    18:16, Jan 14 UTC

    Our systems have bannister the sender before there a serious damage or a leak through our professional email provider. The sender is considered to be a bot that auto selected email address that doesn’t really exist like on our network under (explained on discord channel).

    18:34, Jan 14 UTC

    I temporary fixed has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.

    We have enabled CDN security and extra security for all staff accounts. You may not receive emails for the next 2 hours while we are scanning the system for threads.

    18:39, Jan 14 UTC

    The scanning process has been completed

    18:09, Jan 15 UTC
  • and minor outage

    Resolved in 23 hours
    Affected Service: Media Server January 15, Fri

    We're experiencing an elevated level of API errors and slow response. This is particularly affecting when users are creating and updating links.
    You may have a slow experience and or errors when updating or creating links.
    While this is ongoing you may continue you daily work and simply retry.
    We are working on mitigating actions.

    Existing links are not affected, and there is no loss of data during this incident.

    18:14, Jan 14 UTC

    We are continuing to experience errors in our system. We have implemented a series of mitigating actions that have reduced it but not resolved it.

    While this is ongoing you may experience;
    - Slow or Errors on create link
    - Link waiting for scan at 10%
    - Slow or Errors when updating links
    - Updates not being applied to Published Links

    We are continuing work on resolving the issue, in the meantime you may continue your daily work are retry when you experience issues.

    We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
    All Existing published links are not affected and no data is lost during this incident.

    Updates will follow here as we progress with a resolution

    18:45, Jan 14 UTC

    A fix has been implemented, which has alleviated all the error in our system. We continue to monitor the performance and stability.

    This means you can now create and edit links as usual.
    Links created or updated during the incident which was potentially stuck in scanning process will have to be rescanned manually.

    18:45, Jan 14 UTC

    This incident has been resolved and the new pages are available

    18:07, Jan 15 UTC
  • Affected Service: Website December 25, Fri

    We found that emails sent to receives a MAILER DAEMON response says that this email couldn’t get delivered. Our team is investigating the issue.

    08:14, Dec 25 UTC

    Our IT department located the issue. There is a bug on DMARC policy. We are implementing a fix right now.

    08:16, Dec 25 UTC

    A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the behavior

    08:22, Dec 25 UTC

    The issue has been resolved

    08:29, Dec 25 UTC
  • "Not Secure" signature

    Resolved in 1 hour
    Affected Service: Website Emails Server December 03, Thu

    The HTTPS certificate is still disabled after the completion of the maintenance script. We will monitor the case for the next 48 hours.

    14:45, Dec 03 UTC

    The protocol has been re-established and it is functional

    16:43, Dec 03 UTC
  • Website Maintenance

    Resolved in 6 days
    Affected Service: Website December 03, Thu

    Update Scheduled
    We have to perform some maintenance tasks for this website

    10:24, Nov 27 UTC

    Propagation process started

    00:01, Nov 28 UTC

    Update in progress
    Propagation process has been completed and the website will be available in the next 24 hours after the DNS updates have been completed

    10:49, Dec 03 UTC

    Update Completed
    Website maintenance has been completed. Now we run under Cloudflare network

    14:44, Dec 03 UTC
  • Member photo animation delay

    Resolved in 2 minutes
    Affected Service: Website November 21, Sat

    In the team's section, a photo doesn't't run the script of animations

    20:33, Nov 21 UTC

    The photo has been identified and a fix has been implemented

    20:33, Nov 21 UTC

    We are monitoring the results of the fix

    20:34, Nov 21 UTC

    The issue has been fixed

    20:35, Nov 21 UTC
  • Saloni Nayak bio update

    Resolved in 2 hours
    Affected Service: Website November 10, Tue

    Update Scheduled
    We are going to update the bio for Saloni Nayak page under the main team page

    18:50, Nov 10 UTC

    The update has been started

    20:49, Nov 10 UTC

    Update Completed
    The database has been updated. Some bugs were fixed in the team page

    20:56, Nov 10 UTC
  • Updating Team's page

    Resolved in 23 minutes
    Affected Service: Website November 10, Tue

    Update Scheduled
    We are going to change some records in website's main database that is connected with website's team page

    07:52, Nov 10 UTC

    Update in progress
    The update has been started. Some pages or features maybe they will be not available until we have finished with this process

    07:59, Nov 10 UTC

    Update Completed
    The update has been completed

    08:15, Nov 10 UTC
  • Hubspot SDK mulfuctioning

    Resolved in 2 hours
    Affected Service: Website October 30, Fri

    The pre programmed system from hubspot doesn’t work as expected and it is mulfictioning.

    11:44, Oct 30 UTC

    The chat flow and the cookies policy have been changed

    14:25, Oct 30 UTC
  • Affected Service: Website October 18, Sun

    Update Scheduled
    We have scheduled an update for your website today

    07:04, Oct 17 UTC

    Update in progress
    Your website’s update has been started

    07:05, Oct 17 UTC

    Update Completed
    We have finished with this update. Some bugs were fixed as well

    10:34, Oct 18 UTC
  • Affected Service: Website October 12, Mon

    Update Scheduled
    We have located some bugs on mobile version and we will update and the latest pages.

    20:41, Oct 10 UTC

    We are starting with the fix update

    20:42, Oct 10 UTC

    Update Completed
    All the bugs have been completed

    16:47, Oct 12 UTC
  • Update Team page

    Resolved in 4 days
    Affected Service: Website September 20, Sun

    Update Scheduled
    We are going to update the team page in the website.

    13:33, Sep 15 UTC

    Update in progress
    The update process is now started. We are updating the Team page

    13:45, Sep 15 UTC

    New footer design

    18:29, Sep 15 UTC

    Mobile version has been improved:
    - Pre loading logo
    - Chrome colour set up for android
    - Menu freezes
    - Bubble icon with social media has been implemented

    18:30, Sep 15 UTC

    Updating team page

    20:34, Sep 15 UTC

    New team page has been created

    19:08, Sep 16 UTC

    Widgets and Six Corvid have been enabled.

    19:09, Sep 16 UTC

    Website desktop version has been updated

    15:53, Sep 19 UTC

    Loading gif images has been implemented

    15:53, Sep 19 UTC

    Mobile version of the website is being verified

    15:53, Sep 19 UTC

    We have completed the set up and the design of mobile version for all the subpages except from team page

    15:54, Sep 19 UTC

    New design on website’s and menu and scrolling features has been implemented. We are on the last step of the update.

    15:55, Sep 19 UTC

    Update Completed
    We corrected all the remaining details based on the color schema and the minimalism of the home page

    08:03, Sep 20 UTC
  • Test incident

    Resolved in 1 minute
    Affected Service: Media Server Emails Server September 12, Sat

    We are testing

    22:11, Sep 12 UTC

    Incident is finished

    22:13, Sep 12 UTC
  • Update website’s menu

    Resolved in 50 seconds
    Affected Service: Website September 12, Sat

    Update Scheduled
    We are goin to change the x and y outputs in order to be compatible with iPads

    21:58, Sep 12 UTC

    Update Completed
    We finished with this update

    21:59, Sep 12 UTC
  • No incidents reported